Training & Safety Information

Training Requirements

Cultivating skill, knowledge and pride in the Maine woods

Four days of training are required in the following areas:

Business of Logging (1/2 day)

  1. Independent Contractor Status
  2. Worker’s Compensation, and other insurance
  3. Tracking operating cost, hazard communications, OSHA record-keeping, marketing

Forest management/Silviculture (1/2 day)

  1. State Harvesting Laws & BMPS — Presented by Maine Forest Service, DEP, & LUPC
  2. Forest Ecology
  3. Landowner Objectives: Silviculture Systems
  4. Conserving Fish & Wildlife — Presented by Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

Safe and Efficient Harvesting (2 days)

  1. Logging Safety Rules/OSHA Regulations
  2. Chain Saw Safety & Maintenance
  3. Safe & Efficient Felling –
    • Game of Logging Training (8 hours), or
    • Mechanical/Operator Safety (8 hours)
  4. Safe Skidding & Controlled Yarding
  5. Fatigue & Time Management
  6. Transportation Safety

First Aid/CPR (1 day)

  1. Evacuation Plan
  2. CPR Training
  3. First Aid Training
  4. Bloodborne Pathogen Program
  5. First Aid Kit Inventory

The complete training program is also available in French language.


The CLP program offers certification in five categories that reflect the different job types involved in Maine logging. All program participants must complete the core curriculum which focuses on conventional (skidder and chainsaw) operations. They are then evaluated based on the certification they are pursuing.

  1. CLP Conventional – For skidder and chainsaw operators
  2. CLP Mechanical – For mechanical harvesting equipment operators
  3. CLP Contractor/Supervisor – For logging contractors and/or people who supervise the work of others
  4. CLP Associate – For people who don’t cut wood for a living, but have a professional interest in the logging industry
  5. CLP Apprentice – For students of Maine’s post-secondary wood harvesting programs.

Following successful completion of the initial training, participants are visited at their work site by a CLP evaluator. Using an evaluation form that is tailored to each candidate’s CLP category, evaluators interview the participant, observe his/her work practices, and score in areas, from job site safety to knowledge of environmental regulations.

To maintain certification, CLPs must attend at least 8 hours of program-sponsored or approved training one year after the initial instruction, and every two years thereafter.  

If a CLP is unable to recertify before their expiration date, they can reinstate certification in line with the recertification policy.

Currently, CLP sponsors day-long re-certification classes in the following:

  • Game of Logging levels I-VI (Conventional CLP candidates must complete Game of Logging levels I-IV before any other training will count toward re-certification.)
  • Filing and Reduced Downtime
  • Reducing Residual Stand Damage for Mechanical Operators
  • Log Bucking and Utilization
  • GPS for Loggers

The CLP program also encourages its members to pursue professional development on their own through attendance of outside workshops. If CLP attends a non-CLP sponsored workshop and would like it to be considered for re-certification credit, submit a request to the CLP program administrator. The cost of these programs will not count toward the cost of re-certification. You will still have to pay the CLP re-certification fee (see below).

CLP currently accepts the following non-CLP sponsored workshops for re-certification credit:

  • Best Management Practices – Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  •  Aesthetics – Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • Trucking – Forest Resources Association

For a calendar of forest products industry training programs in Maine, go to the Maine Forest Service’s website.

To ensure that CLPs maintain the professional standards required by our program, CLP candidates for re-certification must also pass a field evaluation. During the evaluation for re-certification, CLP candidates must demonstrate their knowledge and skill in areas ranging from safety to environmental regulations. Similar to the evaluation for certification, the re-certification inspection is tailored to the candidate’s certification category.


The fee for the initial course and certification is $500.00 per person for three days or $600 for four including first aid/CPR and $200 for CLP re-certification workshops and site evaluation.

Safety Documents & Forms
First Aid Resource:
  • Contact CLP First Aid Provider, Kim Lynch at Primary Care Provider at 207-577-7687
Maine Sustainable Forestry Initiative State Implementation Committee
Maine Wood Processor Reports


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