2021 Recertification

Class locations and dates may change based on registration. Additional locations may be available if a minimum number of participants is met.

For those due for recertification by 12/31/2021, attendance and tuition will extend the expiration date to 12/31/2023.

For this year only, those with certifications that expired on 12/31/2020, have a six-month grace period available through 6/30/2021.

Those recertifications will expire on their original expected date of 12/31/2022. Tuition and class meet requirements for two calendar years.

Maintaining Certification

To maintain your CLP, you must recertify the year after your initial certification, and every two years thereafter.

To review program policies, including reinstatement for those with lapsed certifications, visit


$200 – Due to class size limits, register early to ensure your spot at the location of your choice.

To ensure verification of logger professionalism in the field, the $200 recertification fee is required even if you attend an approved outside workshop.

Virtual Training

Virtual Class Offerings

  • Friday, December 10, 2021 – 2:00 – 4:30 pm — Register Here

 Eligible Categories: Mechanical, Conventional, Contractor/Supervisor

 Class Outline:

  • Program Update
  • What Will My Woods Look Like
  • BMP Compliance
  • Safety- Insurance
  • Markets

In-Person Training

In-Person Recertification Offerings

  • Friday, December 10, 2021 – 8:00 am 12:00 pm – Skowhegan — Register Here

Mechanical Loggers

 All Sessions 8 AM to 12 PM

 Class Outline:

  • Program Update
  • Hazards and Near Misses
  • BMP Compliance
  • Markets

Conventional Loggers

 Inside/Outside Sessions8 AM to 12 PM or 12 PM to 4 PM

 Class Outline:

  • Directional Felling: Level II & III


 Class Outline:

  • Program Update
  • Hazards and Near Misses
  • World Class Safety Programs
  • Fatigue/Driver Safety
  • BMP Compliance

Initial Certification Training

Upcoming Certification Trainings

  • There are no Initial certification trainings scheduled at this time. Contact info[at] to express interest in becoming a Certified Logging Professional

Course Outline

CLP is a 3-day course with a total of 32 hours of instruction in the following areas for mechanical or conventional logging:

  • Day 1 (8 hours in the classroom)
    • Intro. to CLP
    • CLP Code of Ethics
    • Intro to Safe & Efficient Harvesting
    • Transportation Safety
    • Intro to the Business of Logging
    • Logging Safety/OSHA Regulations
  • Day 2 (8 hours in the classroom)
    • Forest Management & Silviculture
    • Conserving Fish & Wildlife
    • Water Quality & Logging
    • Controlled Yarding
    • Hazardous Material Training
    • Harvesting Regulations
  • Day 3 (8 hours)
    • Level I Game of Logging training for conventional loggers or mechanical harvesting systems
    • Certification Interview Form Review
  • Day 4 (optional, 8 hours in the classroom)
    • 1st Aid Training/CPR
 Registration Details

Guarantee your spot: Space is available on a first-pay, first-serve basis. Registration and tuition payments must be submitted at least one week before class starts.

Cancellation and Relocation: If CLP must relocate or cancel a class, participants will be given either a full refund or credit for an alternate class. Should the participant fail to attend without one week’s notice before the start of the class, no refund will be granted. Substitutions will be allowed.


$500 – Includes all program materials, lunch each day and the on site interview for certification.

$100 (optional) -Additional payment to include first aid and CPR certification.

Field Interview

The field interview will be conducted on the CLP candidate’s job site within 6 months of completing the class. A first aid /CPR card will be required on the day of evaluation.