CLP History

The CLP program was founded in 1991 as a combined effort of loggers, landowners, environmental specialists and safety consultants to establish a standard for professionalism in the Maine woods. An immediate goal of the program was to combat the high rate of logging accidents and the resulting Worker’s Compensation costs for logging contractors.

Today, under the sponsorship of the Maine TREE Foundation, the program takes pride in the fact that the Injury & Illness rate for loggers is 83% less than what it was when the program began. As a result, mechanical CLP loggers pay up to 48% less for Worker’s Compensation than non-certified mechanical loggers. To ensure that the needs of working loggers continue to be met by the CLP program, the Board of Directors remains today, as always, comprised mostly of those who make a living working as loggers in our forests.

Loggers today face many more challenges than they did even a decade ago. Rules and regulations control virtually everything they do. Their work environment is fragile and easily damaged. The cost and complexity of doing business can be prohibitive. To top it off, loggers are confronted with life-threatening hazards every day at work. So, loggers trained to handle these challenges are in high demand.

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